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Our History
The concept of a complete IT solution for the Transport and Logistics industry was once the dream of an individual who spent his life trying to improve the efficiencies of multiple blue chip transport companies of whom he was employed.

The concept was simple enough: he wanted a software and hardware offering that could be integrated in to the companies ERP system that could report ETA's, dead loading times, demurrage, arrival/departure times, POD's, locations of costly vehicles and most importantly, a reporting function that was to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

After spending 30 years searching multiple vendors and technology companies for a complete solution and realizing that there would be a multitude of companies with similar requirements, Victor Wynn decided to realize a dream and create his own turnkey solution specifically for the Transport and Logistics industry.

In many ways, the shortcomings of the mobility service providers created a Monster, considering Victor, a 30 year veteran of the T & L industry had committed to providing the ultimate solution, hence Logical Transport Solutions (LTS) was born in 2007.
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